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RECENT VIEWPOINTBitcoin: Do you understand what Bitcoin is or how it works? Have you wondered if you could use Bitcoin for your online transactions? Before you do, read Dr. Tiemann's Bitcoin analysis, The Irony of Bitcoin for more insight on the pro's and con's of this new transactional technology.

CompetitionTIA ARCHIVES: In Competition, Dr. Tiemann reviews the concepts of competition, economics and the operation of markets— both ideal markets and those more realistic, where products are well differentiated and businesses compete to defend special market advantages and oligarchies that enable them to earn excess profits.

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Tiemann Investment Advisors manages individual portfolios with integrity, academic excellence and decades of investment management experience. We provide individuals with institutional-caliber investment management portfolios and discipline. You’ve done your job superbly—creating extraordinary wealth—now you deserve to have true investment expertise safeguard your hard work and make your wealth work for you.

The TIA Difference

Come experience the TIA difference, where one investment expert explores your needs, analyzes your existing holdings, designs, implements and manages the portfolio which coordinates all the moving parts of your net worth—brilliantly. 

Experience the pleasure and relief of dealing with a top-level investment expert who can actually answer your complex questions.  Free yourself from salespeople trying to sell you products and brokers “advising” you on securities selection.  Unburden yourself from the stress and responsibility you may feel for protecting your nest egg by attempting to learn everything you can about investing so you can make the right decisions. . . .

Instead, let TIA’s investment guru work with you to best protect your net worth with a completely custom, comprehensive and rational investment program. TIA's highly sophisticated yet competitively priced service optimizes your individual portfolio with your income, cash and tax needs. TIA seamlessly eliminates and avoids redundant productization and management layers, seeking to minimize your fees and the frictional costs in your portfolio.  TIA's investment expert spends time getting to know you, getting to understand your needs, working with you to develop the right investment plan and actually reviewing and evaluting the cost basis and tax issues that characterize your existing investments. We then build the right portfolio that balances structure with flexibility, outlook with cash needs so as to best exploit riskless tax advantages that market opportunities provide. We also constantly monitor the markets, we stay abreast of the current academic research, we remain ever vigilant against widespread market hype, self-serving analysts, hidden transaction fees, poor bid-ask spreads and many other performance metrics that the average intelligent layperson is not even aware of. We do this because we believe this is the quality of service that you deserve. At most other firms, you never even meet a real investment expert and you have to worry about hidden conflicts . But with TIA, you get to know and work with our expert and he gets to know you and he works on your behalf to maximize your return. It's a different experience.

We know investment management, we know your portfolio and we know you.  This is the TIA difference.

Tiemann Investment Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Additional important information is available on TIA's Form ADV, Part II, which is available on request.


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